Self-defense is basically a term that is described as a corrective method or countermeasure that typically involves that act or the practice of defending the health and the well-being of an individual’s own self from any harm or danger. One of the types of self-defense is called as physical self-defense and it is defined as the use of the body’s physical force to counter or reverse any immediate threat or risk of violence, and the force is being implemented into two ways, such as armed or unarmed. The armed physical self-defense is with the use of different weapons, like pepper spray, firearms, knives, batons, and stun guns or tasers; while the unarmed physical self-defense is with the use of the various styles or techniques of martial arts or combat sports.

The best pepper spray can also be called as capsicum spray or mace, and it is recognized as one of the most commonly used item for self-defense by the women and some other authorities. The term pepper spray is also described as a lachrymatory agent, which is a chemical compound that can inflame or irritate the eyes and can cause tears, pain and temporary blindness. The pepper spray is not only used as a self-defense but also to control any riots, control the crowd, for policing, and for defense against any vicious animals like bears and dogs.

The various inflammatory effects of the pepper spray to the attacker’s eyes include taking away their vision, temporary blindness, and causing their eyes to close, and it can allow and help the people to easily restraint the assailants, as well as to obtain the opportunity to escape. Apart from the effect on the eyes of the attacker or assailant, the peppery spray may also cause difficulty of breathing, runny nose and coughing, and the effect of the pepper spray may depend on the spray’s strength which may last at around thirty minutes up to forty-five minutes. Read pepper spray reviews here!

The capsaicin comes from the fruit of the plants of the Capsicum genus, and it is basically the active ingredient of the primary component of the pepper spray. The common design of the pepper spray is with a canister, and this can be concealed in the purse or pocket and can be easily carried by a person wherever they may go. There are definitely a lot of manufacturing companies that produces and sells pepper spray in every parts of the world, and the people who plans to buy one can check out the internet for there are some random people who wrote some significant reviews of a certain product, or they can also ask their families or friends for some recommendations. Learn more about paper spray at http://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2017/01/29/immigrant-ban-protest-seatle-sea-tac-airport.cnn.


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